The Distance Learning Program offers the same degrees as the campus program.

Most courses are digitally recorded. In addition to the instructor’s recorded class presentation (usually audio and video), supplemental materials, such as video presentations/slideshows, paper materials, notes, etc., are also provided. The primary delivery system for the course is a web–based course management system, where the student can access class presentations and the posted supplemental materials.

The student may access the class presentation and supplementary materials. Each class is fully searchable, enabling the student to view an entire class or quickly pinpoint the specific section of interest. The assignments, tests, and grades are all available through the course management system.

A graduate degree through Distance Learning is an option for some students.  While the bulk of classes can be taken via distance learning, students seeking a graduate degree should plan to be on campus at least two times: Introduction to Graduate Studies Week and to attend graduation exercises. In addition, distance learning students will need to come to campus to take the comprehensive final exams, unless they make alternative arrangements with the Graduate Committee. For more information, students should contact the Director of the Graduate Program.

The same policies apply to Distance Learning students that apply to on–campus students regarding admissions, academics, graduation standards, and coursework. Distance Learning students meet the same requirements (or their equivalents) and are graded on the same basis as traditional students.

Travis Harmon
Director of Distance Learning
Ext. 316

Autumn Richardson
Assistant Director of Distance Learning
Ext. 313

 Connection Requirements

Login Information: Once you have signed up for classes, the Registrar’s office will enroll you in the Populi management system (email address required). You will be sent a welcome email containing a link to create a username and password in Populi. Please check your junk mail folder if you do not find the email from an HCU Administrator in your inbox. Choose user names and passwords carefully so you will be able to remember them.

Browser Requirements: Internet Explorer and Firefox are both compatible with Populi and Tegrity. Mac users can use Safari and Firefox. Any other browser will have to be checked by the student for compatibility.

Internet Access: Cable/DSL or broadband connection is recommended for students using the Tegrity system. Dial-up modem will suffice for Populi and downloading course materials, but faster connections are preferred.

Populi Login

How the Distance Learning Program Works