Well-Rounded Education for Well-Rounded People

The kingdom needs well-rounded, thoughtful leaders. Our sole purpose is to help Christians answer God’s call to ministry, and we do that by offering a balanced, practical and comprehensive education that impacts the whole person. Our goals are to:

  • Challenge students academically
  • Enhance their passion for ministry
  • Strengthen their skills for service

Our courses in Bible and theology provide a foundation for life-long spiritual growth. They demand rigorous study and careful thought, and they are always taught with Real World Ministry in mind. Each teacher is an active, faithful, mission-minded Christian. We also provide general instruction in fields such as English, literature, speech, history, psychology, and philosophy. In an increasingly educated society, cultural literacy is expected, and polished communication skills are essential.

Real-World Ministry is the heart of our academic program.

Real World Ministry, following in the steps of Jesus Christ, applies what we learn to real-world settings. That’s why it is at the heart of our academic program. Our academic programs are challenging, but they are balanced with real-world application. Classes are not just classes; field trips and hands-on assignments combine with weekly Christian service and semi-annual evangelical campaigns to give each student a real world experience in ministry. Led by faculty members who have exemplary records in evangelism, these experience help students build confidence, sharpen their skills, and make each class more purposeful and real.

Real World Ministry. It’s the distinctive focus of everything we do at Heritage Christian University.