Message from the President


Dennis H. Jones

Dear Friends,

As supported by members and congregations of the churches of Christ, we at Heritage Christian University believe it is important to communicate our plan of direction as the 21st century unfolds.

The mission of Heritage Christian University is to contribute to the advancement of churches of Christ by equipping servants through undergraduate and graduate programs and continuing education. HCU produces effective gospel communicators for real-world ministry with a focus on evangelism and a commitment to scripture. Our goal is to be the first place where churches of Christ look for their ministers, church leaders, and missionaries.

Our passion is for world evangelism. Churches of Christ can and must make evangelizing the world the top priority. We believe that training full-time preachers and teachers of the gospel is the most effective and efficient way of accomplishing the goal (2 Tim. 2:2).

Graduates of Heritage Christian University are trained to be knowledgeable, practical, optimistic, balanced, dependable, energetic, and most importantly, Christ-like. It is our prayer that those who earn a bachelor’s or master’s degree at HCU will be soul winners, builders, and promoters of all the good. We believe it is possible for preachers to teach God’s word accurately without being cynical, harsh, or extreme (1 Cor. 13:4–8).

Heritage Christian University is determined to maintain a gentle and humble spirit, as we hold fast to evangelistic zeal and biblical integrity. Our students will be taught the whole counsel of God (Acts 20:27). They will be taught that our heavenly Father is a God of love, grace, patience, and of great kindness.

Further, our students will be taught that objective truth can be understood and determined by humbly seeking God’s will through prayerful study of His inspired Word.

Finally, our students will be taught that it is unwise to allow themselves to become distracted from the Lord’s work by engaging in pointless contests with other Christians as to who is the most spiritual or who surpasses all others in scriptural soundness. We believe faithfulness is more important than gaining popularity among those who stage competitive games of self-promotion by attempting to discredit others.

We are not turning to the left, nor are we turning to the right (Joshua. 1:7)! We plan to stand firmly in the middle of the Bible, set our minds on things above, and faithfully love and serve our great brotherhood.


Dennis Jones Signature

Dennis Jones, President
Associate Professor of Communication



Those wishing to contact President Jones should get in touch with Brittany McGuire, Assistant to the President (256.766.6610 ext 322;