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Open BibleHeritage Christian University was organized as International Bible College in 1971 to increase the number of capable men and women with world vision and to prepare them for a life of Christian service. From its beginning, the university offered a four-year program of study emphasizing the biblical text and evangelism.

Heritage Christian University has a rich tradition within churches of Christ. The “evangelism workshop” concept sprung from the campus, at one point attracting crowds of nearly ten thousand to learn ministry and evangelism techniques. The World Evangelist, edited by Basil Overton, emanated from HCU until Brother Overton’s retirement.

The university also has a solid history of leadership. In fact, only two men have ever held the title of president. Charles Coil held the position from 1971 to 1989. Upon his retirement, Dennis Jones assumed the role and continues to serve as president today.

In 1988, HCU was accredited by the Association for Biblical Higher Education. The first video courses were added in 1990, making the university a pioneer within distance learning programs. In 2000, HCU added a graduate program and changed to its present name from International Bible College. The Distance Learning program went online in 2008.

For more information regarding the university’s history, contact HCU for a copy of As the Waters Cover the Sea, written by former vice president Vernon Shuffett.