A Singular Focus

Mission Statement: Heritage Christian University exists for the advancement of churches of Christ by equipping servants through undergraduate and graduate programs and continuing education. HCU produces effective communicators, preachers, teachers and missionaries for real-world ministry with a focus on evangelism and a commitment to scripture.

At Heritage Christian University, our job is to equip God’s people for greater service in His church.  We take Christ’s command to “go unto all the world” seriously, and know that is best done with rigorous, Bible-based training. Our Bible degree programs are academically challenging, practically oriented, and evangelistically focused, with an emphasis on real world ministry.

And what is Real World Ministry? Basically, it’s following in the steps of Jesus Christ, to take care of the sick and the poor, to reach out to widows and orphans, and to save the lost. It’s bringing souls to Jesus, and it’s been the foundation of Heritage Christian University for more than 40 years.

What is your goal? Are you interested in preaching? Mission work? Counseling or teaching? Do you want to become an elder? Or do you simply want to be a better Bible student? Our accredited Bible programs may be just what you need. No matter where you find yourself today, we have a program that fits your life and helps you with your goals. We want to help you “go unto all the world.”