Celebrating 50 years of real-world ministry means celebrating together. Heritage Christian University was founded by brothers in Christ working together to create a higher education institution, specifically for the training of preachers. The 50th anniversary celebration is designed to be shared with family and friends, new and old, throughout the year. One fun way to join the jubilee is by sharing your favorite moments of IBC/HCU in our online photo book, checking off items on the HCU 5-0 Bucket List, or by joining our special events.

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The 5-0 Bucket List

The HCU Bucket List suggests experiences that a student should have while on campus throughout his/her collegiate career that are exclusively HCU. Items on the list incorporate traditions as well as campus and local events and activities to create a sense of pride and identity within our broader community.

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  1. Shake hands with the new president.
  2. Help a student move-in.
  3. Learn the university alma mater song.
  4. Play soccer or flag football on the Ralph Bishop field.
  5. Donate blood during the annual blood drive.
  6. Attend a SGA meeting.
  7. Pick up a Heritage Press copy of Where Fresh Waters Flow: The Restoration Plea by Cory Collins.
  8. Sing around the campfire at the student center fire pit.
  9. Take a photo in front of the HCU entrance sign.
  10. Get photobombed by Vice President Pat Moon.
  11. Have a meal with students, faculty and staff at lunch.
  12. Attend lunch with the new president.
  13. Be the editor for the Heritage News.
  14. Create your own HCU tradition.
  15. Drop by a preachers’ luncheon.
  16. Spend a week with Wayne Kilpatrick on the restoration tour.
  17. Meet a donor at a partnership dinner.
  18. Sing the George Goldman “I’m a Greek Student” song.
  19. Participate in a service project with faculty/staff and students.
  20. Meet a TITUS camper.
  21. Give a friend a tour of the Overton Memorial Library-including the hall of portraits upstairs!
  22. Watch a Basil Overton video from our YouTube archives collection.
  23. Audit a class.
  24. Acquire an odd souvenir from Academic Dean/Vice President Bill Bagents’ office.
  25. Walk 50 laps around campus with Registrar Alana Marks.
  26. Attend a Snack-in-Yak.
  27. Shoot hoops in the Alexander Activities gym.
  28. Lead a song in a singing chapel service.
  29. Visit a supporting congregation with Vice President Philip Goad.
  30. Attend a CMTI session.
  31. Donate a book to OML.
  32. Take a selfie with the T.B. Larimore podium.
  33. Move books with Librarian Jamie Cox.
  34. Identify each country represented in flags of the main entrance.
  35. Participate in a research project.
  36. Play pool in the Dr. Kerr Student Center.
  37. Learn to cook Brandy’s recipe of Stuffed Bacon Wrapped Pork Loin.
  38. Have a picnic in Smith park.
  39. Embarrass yourself during a Heritage Connect game.
  40. Teach alongside an HCU faculty member or alumnus during a Heritage mission trip.
  41. Snag a piece of candy off of Melanie Irions’ desk.
  42. Find the oldest brick in the Memorial Walkway.
  43. Meet a local or national celebrity at the annual Heritage Event.
  44. Devour a steak during the annual Alumni Days Steak Dinner.
  45. Spend a night in one of the McCreary Cabins.
  46. Get an author’s autograph at the Charles Coil Colloquium.
  47. Request and read an old manuscript in OML’s Bible Archives.
  48. Read an OML “book of the month” on the front lawn.
  49. Share or serve a meal at the annual Harvester’s Banquet.
  50. Attend a session during a graduate lecture series event (Jack P. Lewis or Diakonsos).

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